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CFS/ME and Me is a blog about my experience having this disease. I want this blog to be a resource for people to come learn about (and occasionally laugh about) CFS/ME and the effects it has on those suffering from it.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A Day In My Life

So a day in my life: Wake up at 11:00, try to get up. Give up and watch tv until 12:00. Try to get up again. Finally up and ready for the day(which is almost half over to the rest of society). Look for some cereal (because it's breakfast-time for me!). Forget what I was doing and realize it's lunchtime! So then my mom makes something or i microwave a frozen dinner. Frozen dinners are God's gift to YPWC (Young People with CFIDS). Eat it, watch tv. Take an aleve.

Realize I am a student and need to graduate so I try to work on some homebound school. By the time I get going its already 2:00. Work on school and surf the net (one of my only outlets to the rest of society). Realize its 4:00, turn on Oprah. Wonder when Oprah is going to do a show on CFIDS or at least on children with disabilities getting mistreated in the school. Ouch... too much thinking. Gotta take a nap. Wake up. Wow, it's already 7.

Go to my Grandma's house. Thats the place I go to get away from it all. Meet a friend there. Then it's already 10:00. Wow, i need to get ready for bed. Then forget what I was doing and never take a bath. Now it's 12:00. Hmm. Can't sleep. Insomnia is KICKING IN. Watch paid programming. Preferably the one about the "Magic Bullet" blender. Dang, it's 3:00. Go to bed. sleep after an hour. Then by 11 the next day the vicious cycle begins again. Oh Bah Humbug.

Just a day in my humble life. I'm sure all you PWC's are nodding your heads in aggreement. Have a great day, all!

BTW, that lady up there isn't me. =-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. I hope you don't mind me posting these CFS links here, I think that if you don't already know about them, they are worth a look.

Canadian Guidelines for ME/CFS

CFS RNase-L test now available in North America

more about RNase-L

British news programme clip about ME/CFS

Two British research charities

Some items in the UK news for ME/CFS awareness day

I hope some of these are helpful to you, and if they are, please pass them on to anyone else that they might help.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Sweet n Low said...

Hey anon, 3:20! Thanks for the links, and also thanks for posting! Wow, i'm so flattered that someone is reading my blog! Thanks!

1:52 PM  

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